09 May, 2011

Just Shut Up Already!

I used to really enjoy being around "positive" people. I mean, it was nice to see that not everybody's existence is as dark and cold as my own. It gave me hope, I guess. Kind of a vicarious happiness. I've never been one to really try to bring someone else down.Sure, I may jokingly make a "negative" remark or counterpoint, but I wasn't one of those miserable sons-o-bitches whose "happiness" depended on dragging others down to my level. Far from it. I've always used humor as a defense, making others laugh, even at my own expense.
But something's changed recently. Lately "positive" people are really starting to grate on my nerves. When someone says "Life is good!", I now realize that they're really saying "MY life is good! Yours SUCKS! Envy me, be jealous of me! WANT to be me, you pitiful bastard!"
So, to all those people who revel in... revelling, I say STFU!! Some of us got work to do.

06 October, 2010

Ode To My Wife's Cellphone

She loves me in the morning
And when I'm at work all day
But when I come home in the evening
She turns and walks away

She finds reasons or excuses
For her to be alone
So she can talk or text with friends
Or Facebook on her phone

When she calls and says "I love you!"
I do believe it's true
Because I've come to realize
It's her phone she's talking to

My nights are long and sleepless
My soul, it has been wrecked
I never thought it possible
To be smothered with neglect

Men search for hidden treasure
Or mine the earth for gold
But no man knows what secrets
Her SD card must hold

These new phones can do ANYTHING
With apps for work or fun
But I never thought I'd see the day
I'd be replaced by one.

18 September, 2010

Too True...

Read a great quote by Woody Allen the other day:
"The only love that really lasts is unrequited love, it stays with you forever."
In the words of Shakespeare's Polonius, "Tis true, tis pity, and pity tis tis true".