09 May, 2011

Just Shut Up Already!

I used to really enjoy being around "positive" people. I mean, it was nice to see that not everybody's existence is as dark and cold as my own. It gave me hope, I guess. Kind of a vicarious happiness. I've never been one to really try to bring someone else down.Sure, I may jokingly make a "negative" remark or counterpoint, but I wasn't one of those miserable sons-o-bitches whose "happiness" depended on dragging others down to my level. Far from it. I've always used humor as a defense, making others laugh, even at my own expense.
But something's changed recently. Lately "positive" people are really starting to grate on my nerves. When someone says "Life is good!", I now realize that they're really saying "MY life is good! Yours SUCKS! Envy me, be jealous of me! WANT to be me, you pitiful bastard!"
So, to all those people who revel in... revelling, I say STFU!! Some of us got work to do.